Shorty J does it again!

So I see all these internet espresso dorks with their own blogs taking their own pictures and posting their own jokes.

So I decided to join the ranks. let the games begin. I mean it with love fellas.

We had a great day at Ritual. Music is blaring, the sun is shining, the people are asking for their espresso and they want it now! And of course, we deliver, while making horribly inappropriate jokes mostly involving the word “brown”, “butt” and Jeremy/Gabriel (we are interchangeable).

I have been learning SO much from the peeps at Ritual, seriously, the northwest has standards above anywhere else I have ever been or heard of when it comes to coffee. We have the same philosophies about coffee, people, and off-color jokes. I could not have found a better group of people. We are all energetic, dork and full of espresso love. It’s great. They have invested so much patience, and time, and real caring in my skills not only as a barista but as a fellow coffee geek. I feel truly fortunate. I am not just saying that. I have had bad/good and mediocre experiences in the coffee business and this by far has been awesome.

look at him. smiling at his own shot. conceited bastard!

the brown doing the brown.

Jessy’s beautiful latte art.

I think she had a flask in the other hand….hmmmm.

this is the look I give Shorty J when he makes his best efforts at a joke.

ahhhh. seriously, the workplace doesn’t get much better. and yeah, the espresso is pretty good too.


~ by Me on June 11, 2005.

One Response to “Shorty J does it again!”

  1. you make me want to come to SF. oh wait, I think I am! in the late summer!

    I’ll expect a g-d shot, please.

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