I have really been inspired by a few baristas but mainly my girlfriend-when-mae-is-not-around, Steve from BBCC. If only I lived in SF I would have more freedom to frolick int he bars and drink with the guy. I bet he can drink me under the table, but I bet I would fit better.

I have been working on really getting my tamping and dosing down to a science. I want to be as consistent as possible. Shorty J has been helping me with that a lot and Eyeball just really keeps an eye out for me and gives me the support I need. I am stil such a baby at this. I promise to take more pics of my latte art, possibly tonight since I am closing.

So I heard Brooklyn is the 3rd largest city in the country. KC will be takin over soon, I swear to god he’s gonna blow that place up.

A lot of talk about this consistency with espresso, blah blah blah. I get it, but coffee is a crop, so variants will arise and as roasters they can only accomodate so much. Espresso does not exist in a vaccum. As long as the roast is impressive, top quality and fairly consistant, I am not looking for the same exact shot every time. I think that is the beauty of espresso. You can have many beautiful shots from one blend, each unique but not exactly the same and not worse than the other. You can get specific nuances from the same blend with every shot, but rarely will 10 shots taste exactly the same. That and also our sense of taste gets warped with the caffeine high of ten shots in a row as witnessed by yours truly and steve at Cafe Organica, BBCC and Ritual.

anyway, here’s a little diddy. for the viewers.

I want BBCC to compete at the regionals. We need us a rebel team.


~ by Me on June 23, 2005.

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