yeah daddy!

Ryan pulled this naked today and it was great. I am extremely proud of him actually because he has improved so much as a barista in the last few months we have been at Ritual. The passion is seriously addictive, or perhaps the obsessiveness with perfection is.
I read something Chris is trying on his own at Gimme! and maybe tomorrow morning when I open I will give it a try. something with a super fine grind and a result in a super viscous shot? We’ll see.

Trish came down for a visit before her move up to Zoka in Seattle. It is always good to see such a friendly face. Hopefully Eugenia will make it up from Barefoot tomorrow to be a geek with me and Ryan. I thought I would somehow get over this whole espresso obsession thing eventually, and the more I learn and push myself the more I am getting into it. I know I have my career as a designer set in motion with going to school, but man am i lucky in that I found one more thing in my life that I am completely in love with (besides Mae of course). I could do this for a long long time and know that I would be happy. The baristas and roasters that i have met have been nothing short of amazing as peers and as mentors. The community is small but damn, it is so supportive.

oh and yeah, who wouldn’t LOVE to work for these two winners?

“Smell my finger!”
“Smell it? Please bitch, I’m bitin’ it off cuz I am so hardcore!”


~ by Me on July 20, 2005.

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