July Ending Soon

Thanks to Steve from Blue Bottle we have been good about reducing the weight of the tamp (with his beloved scale) and really focusing on the fineness of the grind and how that changes EVERYTHING.
The Aussies grind it course and basically throw themselves on the tamp, you would have to, to really get the essential coffee oils out of the beans.
We have noticed a difference in flavor, the finer the grind, the more coffee you pack in the portafilter and the more cohesive the grinds become to one another which results in a richer cup of espresso, the “meatiness” of the shot increases and the sweet and nutty flavors really get pulled out of the Hairbender. I have become spoiled by Stumptown light roasted coffee, the french press, and the Hairbender. These have also made me truly be aware and really get into appreciating the small differences with other baristas, roasts and blends of espresso.

At Blue Bottle their shots have this fantastic citrus/licorice flavor to their shots. Jamie make s amean macchiato and it doesn’t taste anything like the macchiattos at Ritual (and I don’t want it to), but I seriously DIG that. I like the diversity of all the care, preparation and all the steps taken for these beautiful shots.
Just as the Redwood espresso from Barefoot Coffee Roasters was pulled nicely by Eton and the cedar spice sprung from the cup. Just a nice experience with tasting and evaluating espresso.

I have been trying to become more concious and more sensitive to these sorts of variances without becoming so obsessive that I forget that I LOVE what I do, this barista gig. There is always so much to learn, and a huge factor for my staying in this place so long is due to the learning I experience from peers and the respect I have for them. And also, that these same peers and comrades that I respect so much have no problem making ginormous asses of themselves on a daily, and very frequent basis.

pulled this beauty today and then

made this out of it…

My rosettas have improved a great deal the last 6 months, and I am sure it has to do with my increased patience with the entire process.

and also, looking over at this gorgeous thing really hit the spot at a couple of frustrating moments today. Can we have this guy in the store all the time?


~ by Me on July 28, 2005.

2 Responses to “July Ending Soon”

  1. I have a complete work-crush on your shop &, seemingly, your co-workers!

  2. well ditto!

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