Good Ol’ Greta

It’s true, finally after all these months of salivating over this thing it’s here. She’s lean, and mean and ready to get fired up.
to be honest, i have no interest in roasting myself, but the thought of having a roaster in the store is exciting. I am looking forward to learning more and really watching Jeremy and Eileen go all bonkers on the ol’ lady. From what i have gathered she is the oldest Probat in the country alone, perhaps the world. Born in 1919, in Germany, Duane has had thsis baby from day one (or very very early on) and we have her on loan until we get our roasting wings.

I have been really loving going to Blue Bottle for some espresso, along with Cafe Organica. I could not stop raving about Steve’s shot the other day. The mouthfeel on the shot was unbelievable, and I got some beautiful full low notes from the Hayes. I was stoked. It is such a good thing for me to go elsewhere sometimes, both emotionally and palate wise too.

School is kicking my ass but i am producing some awesome shit, more on that in another post perhaps.

Stumptown busted out with awhole lot new coffee and I have been really enoying the Honduras Mirador which is super floral and almost refreshing to drink. I also hasd some of Blue Bottles Honduran.

Honduras Coffee is the new black.

and the flavor of the nxt two months is Filipino Goodness

I work for this guy.
who’s jealous, any takers?…..anyone?….anyone at all?


~ by Me on December 3, 2005.

One Response to “Good Ol’ Greta”

  1. But Gabe. You forgot to mention that that very cool shot of Jeremy was taken by . . . some dude named Gabriel Boscana. Your photos are a terrific addition to Barista’s excellent profile of Jeremy.

    freakin puertorican: He doses, he tamps, he pulls beautiful shots, he does awesome latte art, and he takes great pix.–>

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