Moving NorthWest

So the news is out all over, I will be moving to Portland mid August with my beautiful new wife and my ugly little dog. I am extremely excited for the new adventures up north, but I am really really going to miss my kids at Ritual Coffee Roasters. I have never learned so much about coffee, about hardwork, about friendship, about team work so quickly as I have at Ritual. This company has been so fucking good to me, and has nurtured the coffee geek in me. It will be tough to leave, but I will always consider them my homies.
I will be working for Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland.

If it were not for Ritual, I would have never been so in tune with these beautiful coffees that Jim and Joel roast every day. I feel fortunate, and happy and proud to have been part of a company that is gonna make it big and change things in San Francisco, and now I am proud to be part of a company that truly believes in building relationships with farms and farmers, and that support the growth of beautiful and the highest quality coffees. There is always so much to learn, as a barista and as a coffee cupper/taster. I am looking forward to all the learning tools available to me, it will only make me a better informed more passionate barista.
I had some of the Panama Bambito estate coffee, fuckign brilliant. And I also brewed some Sao Benedito (#2 CoE), honeyed peanut brittle and finishing with caramel notes. when it cools off, there is a green bean/aspargus thing going on. Crazy, but good.


~ by Me on July 27, 2006.

4 Responses to “Moving NorthWest”

  1. buenos suertes muchacho

  2. So excited for you & Mae and all the great changes you’re facing together!

  3. good luck man…It was good working with you for those uhhh three days.

  4. that was our last post from Gabe. Lumberjacks don’t get blogs.–>

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