The Stumptown

It’s official. I put in my two weeks at Stumptown. I feel conflicted about it, because I love what the company is doing for the barista, the coffee farms/farmers and the industry of specialty coffee, but I also need to follow my heart…and my heart is in NY.
I have learned so much at Stumptown. Especially from the roasters and from D.S. I met him through Ritual, and I thought at the time, that I loved coffee. I had no idea, the depths his infectious passion for it would throw me into. Honestly. I thought I had my shit down tight, with the barista shit, and just with the general coffee stuff. In comes the barrel chested, big smily faced and goofy D.
He loves this. He loves coffee, and he loves his business. He cares about his baristas, and what they do outside of work (many are artists, musicians) he will go to their shows, and their openings and stuff.
But the best is watching him cup coffee. I have never seen someone so totally intoxicated by coffee. He talks about it like a kid, like a kid with candy. He understands the whole process, from seed to cup. He is a young guy too, so his passion is what has taken him this deep into the abyss of coffee. This isn’t a blog about kissing his ass by the way. this is seriously the way I feel. D totally nurtured the coffee geek in me, and totally understood it. In fact he exploited it. I don’t know if I will do coffee for the rest of my life, but now I see it as a possibility.
The wife and I will be moving down to San Francisco for a few months, just long enough to gather up some serious dough to then head eastward to New York. I have no idea what is in store there, but I am excited to be close to old friends and beloved family.
I am also excited to see my old friends in San Francisco. it has only been 4 months, but I miss them terribly.


~ by Me on December 19, 2006.

5 Responses to “The Stumptown”

  1. Sorry I missed you, I’m excited to get you back!

  2. I am excited to be back man! let’s please get some bacon together, and some coffee, and something sweet at the end. you, me and one Ryan Brown.

  3. I’m all about that sweet action.

  4. Ah,well, welcome back in advance Gabe!…are you going NYC or CNY ?

  5. YeeeawwH!

    New York, bitch!!!

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