Feliz New Year.

Happy New Year to everyone. 2007. God damn. Crazy. Here come a couple of weeks of getting used to writing the dates. This year was strange but good for me. In a year, I will have moved from SF to PDX, to SF again and then to NYC. That is 3 cities in less than a year. NUTS.

This new year will bring new experiences, hopefully GREAT new experiences. I feel grateful to have had 2006 be so hectic and sometimes disappointing, but none the less helpful in regards to reflection and in leading me to know what I want with my life. I got to cup some Kenyan coffees that were outstanding, I got to do some sample cuppings, some Malawi coffee cuppings, and got to meet some amazing people up here in the great pacific northwest. i was welcomed with open arms and got to see that if you take some time, people are not what they seem to be at first. Stumptown was wonderful to me, and I am grateful to have had the experience of working for one of the elite boutique coffee roasters in the country.

However, I miss my beloved San Francisco. A lot. I have figured out in this experience, that no matter how much I revere space, and love trees and parks and the sun and riding my bike….I am a big city guy. I like the excitement of a city, the sense of adventure of a big city, and the culinary options. I am looking forward to having some people come down to visit while I am still in California. I am hoping to do some major wine tasting, and food eating and really nurturing and testing my palate while I have the opportunity while living in beautiful San Francisco.

After this experience, the wife and I will head out to NY and see what happens out there for us. All good I know it. All good. She will be doing Teach For America in Brooklyn (yeah I know, she is a better person than I) and I have no idea what I will be doing. But I will figure it out. I want this adventure.

I will update more once I am settled in our place, and I calm down from all the excitement. My homies in San Francisco are like family.  I just want to get there and chill out with a bottle of petit syrah and think about my future.


~ by Me on January 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “Feliz New Year.”

  1. Don’t forget to make a pit stop in ATL on your way east. Happy New Year!!

  2. I miss you already… I had no idea that you were outta here. jesus, christ.

  3. Gabe! Where’d you go? Sneaky, sneaky barista.

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