ghetto Clover

This probably isn’t news to anyone, or at least I have not seen someone else write about it. Going back to my homies at Ritual has been great, and it has also sparked the fire to just try stuff with coffee. They are roasting a large amount of coffees, and obviously, each coffee is gonna taste different from another on a level playing field…but what if, even with french press we modified every single coffee to grind, and extraction time plus volume?
in essence, a ghetto Clover. Leave it to the puerto rican to name it that.

I was just thinking, some coffees at .18 ounces for a 48 ounce press is fine, tastes just right, some other coffees definitely require MORE coffee. I was thinking of maybe doing a cupping of coffees at different volumes, grinds and extraction and trying to pull out the most essential nuances and highlight the great parts about every particular coffee. we would have to do this quite a bit considering the amount of coffees we have and how long it will take to narrow down to the ones we really love and believe in.

I am just thinking on print here. I just wonder if we could do this, if we could pull this off old school considering the high volume in this store too. Could we get the whole staff in on how to brew each and every coffee as we run out throughout the day?

I am excited to come in and actually do the cuppings of all the coffees and try to figure out what is best for each one. Each coffee is different, so why not tweak the prep a little bit?

It feels great to be back here at Ritual, this city feels like home. I also know how much I learned working the few months that I did at Stumptown. I had no idea how much I was learning along the way til I left, and now I am bringing that coffee knowledge and enthusiasm back with me and trying to infect every one here at Ritual with it. I know not every shop will be full of coffee geeks, and I cannot expect everyone to be as psycho about it as i am, but I can try to make them understand why it is important that we do things a certain way, especially to honor the farmers.


~ by Me on January 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “ghetto Clover”

  1. It’s funny, I was just coming to your blog to say that I was dying for an update from you, and there was one! And a good one, at that. Motivating a staff to do things just-so at a busy shop is really difficult — even when they’re really dedicated. I would love to hear how your people out there take to the idea of having different prep stats for different coffees, even using the same brew technique.

  2. After the texts I checked in here. Spent 5-7 at the annex doing a fp cupping by myself. Funny that.

    You should lock in two or three coffees and make it a mission to bring it to your program. I think you have a wonderful idea to introduce slowly. Does ritual have a similar chimp system? Just asking because I found time off roast to be a variable I wasn’t able to control.


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