GLRBC, a drunk ass Baca, and Ritual.

I had such a great time at the competition. Baca did great. Placing 4th in the first round….he would have made it to finals YO!!!! I am so happy for him. Crystal is competing at our very own regionals and she is gonna kick some serious ass. We have been practicing a whole lot in our basement, with our beautiful 4 group GB5 so I think we will have a decent chance at doing very well come march 16th.
Baca was in Disneyland at the Intelligentsia Roasting Works party. PLaying b-ball with Lucey and Teisl was like a dream come true for him. I was like a proud papa watching him run around and making an ass of himself all for the love of coffee really. I learned a whole lot form watching competitiors. The region was much more technically precise than the NW, but the NW was much more barista centered if that makes any sense. There is great pride in the Pacific Northwest for the craft of the barista, the personal style and aesthetics of movement as well. It was an interesting comparison to make, but I generally do that as an east coaster on the west coast and loving it here.
So I am officially the Ritual trainer which I am stoked about because essentially all I want to do is fuck around with coffee and motivate people to love it and just figure stuff out on my own. I want to really sort of throw myself at coffee and learn as much as I can, bringing a few folk along the way with me.
The toughest part of this is motivation, but after you got that, it’s all about sharing the love and having someone put their efforts into something noble, like making a great macchiatto. I love my job, and I love seeing the sense of accomplishment once those shots start hanging like honey, consistently. It’s a great feeling to help someone help themselves with coffee, and gain a format in which to understand it better…
I have so much more to share here, but I will spare you.
In my next post I will post some photographs. I promise.


~ by Me on March 3, 2007.

One Response to “GLRBC, a drunk ass Baca, and Ritual.”

  1. WRBC is this week yo…it’s all in my head!

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