WRBC 2007

I am gonna give photo credit where it’s due. I am in in the market for a high quality point and shoot so my own pictures were shitty. (Canon SD800 is my top choice) SO I will borrow some pics from my buddies Tony and Ford. They basically had their cameras attached to their hands for the entire WRBC. It was great.
Ritual Coffee Roasters had two competitors. Crystal and Baca. I love these guys. We trained for this, and will be training more for the USBC. We felt ready and felt like our passion was at its peak for what we do. SO we had a lot of fun. The competition was more sophisticated than last. Tougher competitors for sure. Kyle Glanville was representing INtelligentsia, and Intelly should be proud because he kicked some serious ass. Seriously. Watch this guy, he’s DANGEROUS.
So the finals were tight, but Heather Perry won again, then Kyle (2nd) and Baca (3rd)who both put on amazing performances and using really beautiful coffees.These guys will kill at the USBC. I hope.
It’s always great to watch other processes of preparing espresso. Styles, and dynamics of baristas are a reason I love watching these competitors.
There is never only ONE way to do something. There are a million ways to get an amazing drink consistently, and this is the beauty of the barista. I have never seen so many different ways of distribution, leveling and tamping in my life. It’s fantastic. I learn more and more every time I watch a competition. the minute I think I have something figured out, that’s when i realize I have just begun to learn.

Ryan stresses out. thank you Steve Ford.

SoCal vs. NoCal by Tony

Baca and his Grinder

Kyle Glanville, Intelligentsia SoCal representin’

and I love this guy! Drew and Ryan from Ritual in the background.

the regionals were great, obviously a little disappointing cuz our boy didn’t take the title. But we are super proud of him and Crystal both. What ever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right. hell yeah I’m right!


~ by Me on March 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “WRBC 2007”

  1. Hey Gabe…

    Looks like fun. Wish I had been there for a little golden state flava.

  2. It was a whole lotta fun, and super exhausting emotionally. Kyle and Baca were fuckin stellar man. Really. watch them at the USBC. Did you compete yet?

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