Baca competes…Ritual events (by Eileen bosslady)

Friday April 27th
Clover Coffee Event at Jerrold St 1-3 pm

Basically this is our announcement to the world that Ritual Coffee Roasters ROASTS COFFEE. I mean, I know it makes sense but I just fielded a call from a lady who wanted to know about our beans and thought they were still coming from Stumptown (it’s probly cuz our website says they do but that’s another thing altogether.)
We’ll feature a couple of special coffees and Clover them and do a cupping.
We’ll invite our coffee geek friends and THE MEDIA. There’s a fancy PR firm helping promote the event (thanks to Clover) so it’ll be something that people will write about. I would love some help making this event go smoothly. If you’re into talking about coffee and might wanna be famous, let me know and I’ll sign you up.
Sunday April 29th

Ritual to Ritual Bike Ride and Cupping

The RCCBP is sponsoring a cupping out at our new store. People will meet at Ritual on Valencia at 11 am on Sunday and follow Matthew and his bullhorn over to the new store where we’ll have a cupping set up for the bike enthusiasts.

Future events:

May 2-8

Specialty Coffee Association of America conference and the USBC (US Baca Championship)


Eileen, Jeremy, Ryan, Gabe, Baca and Crystal are ALL GOING. FOR A WEEK.

May 12th & 13th
There will be a whole weekend of events, live music, cocktails in the morning, dangerous bicycle-powered bike rides. We will be on the cover of the SF Chronicle Magazine that Saturday. It will be nuts. Please don’t go out of town that weekend. Please plan on serving up the best damn coffee to a whole new audience.


~ by Me on April 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “Baca competes…Ritual events (by Eileen bosslady)”

  1. Hells YEAH!!!!
    Can’t wait to see you all again… and your 13 bean blend that YOU roast yourselves. Congrats on the growth.

  2. Hi Gabriel,
    Wasn’t sure how to reach you, I have heard a lot about Ritual and I will actually be in San Francisco May 20-22. Before that, I will be covering the SCAA conference and USBC in Long Beach from Friday the 2nd thru Sunday. If you get this message, then please email and perhaps I could meet you when in LB.

  3. 13 beans? I’m just a schlep but I think it’s pretty damn tough to pull a shot with 13 beans. Right? 13 gears I could handle.

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