roastin’, roastin’, roastin’…RAWHIDE.

I have been mostly roasting in short shifts so that I don’t burn out and burn the coffee. Also, this helps me stay fresh, focused and attentive. Benn roasting on the little Probat that could, which is finicky in the BEST way possible. I feel honored to be using it, as it is Duane’s little roaster that could, rebuilt by crazy and loveable Marty Curtis.

The one thing I have to get used to is the isolation of it. But although it may sound surprising, this feels like home to me, because I am in fact really anti-social. I am not sayin I am socially fucking retarded, just would rather spent time on my own, with my wife, or with a very small but close group of friends. And most of them know when to give me space. I am a socially strange fellow, but I think respect comes before anything for my friends, so they have adapted well to my shit.

I will say it on this here blog…I have no idea when I am actually heading back to NY. The opportunity I have been given with Ritual, well, I ain’t gonna get it nowhere else. I would be a fool to walk away from it as a coffee guy. I didn’t think i would be THIS much into roasting…but the more I do it, the more I realize it is me with the coffee in the closest way possible. I love it, I really do.

The tough part is building a bridge between the roaster and the barista, especially as a barista who is now roasting coffee. I am stoked to keep the dialogue flowing…to hear what the baristas have to say about the coffee, to hear their questions (just not when I am roasting) and to help them figure shit out and to have them help me become a better roaster as well.

The more private relationship with the coffee is nice, but I don’t want to be totally unapproacheable to the baristas.

Anyway, I have no idea what this means for the next few months. All I know is that I feel humbled, and overjoyed at the privilege to roast coffee…and on what machine I get to learn the whole process on.

hells yeah!


~ by Me on June 8, 2007.

One Response to “roastin’, roastin’, roastin’…RAWHIDE.”

  1. i hear ya on the hard to leave tip.

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