Sexy Blue Bottle

Great article in the good ol’ New York Times about the current obsession with coffee quality, Clovers, Siphon bars and our very own Bay area coffee manJames Freeman

What I love about this, is that Blue Bottle coffee was the first coffee I ordered as per Kevin Cuddeback’s suggestion when I moved to the bay area…it was SERIOUSLY the only small roastery, doing quality coffee here. Oh man, how times have changed from roasting on a perforated cookie sheet! CONGRATS TO JAMES and the Blue Bottle folks!


~ by Me on January 24, 2008.

5 Responses to “Sexy Blue Bottle”

  1. so when are you gonna drop by and check it out in person?

  2. I’m going today with Jana from Franke. They open at 8:30, so we are gonna try and make it in by 9. I heard is was packed all day yesterday.

  3. I heard you made it this morning.

    On a scale of one to ten — how sexy was the time?

  4. the time was a high 8 to 9. really, but then again Oliver showed up unexpectedly…so definitely a 10!

    It was seriously a great time. great atmosphere and the idea of coffee preparation on display is fucking brilliant. it’s a little on the yuppy side for my total 10 (I love what James has done, don’t get me wrong) but again, the concept and execution is impressive. I spent 2 hours there today with friends, and I think i am heading back tomorrow. Too bad you and Mike W. can’t come.

  5. hmmm, last minute deal from JFK to SFO? Priceline…DOT COM

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