Ron Zacapa strikes again

Sunday breakfast

We have a Sunday tradition, in where I get up  early and make some coffee and breakfast for my wife. She takes care of me the rest of the week, so it really is the least I can do. We head over to the market, get the Sunday Times and I make coffee and breakfast for her to enjoy. We then lounge around and do nothing, which is fucking great!

This Sunday I decided to buy some Brioche and make some french toast, with some 30+ year Ron Zacapa that I purchased during my trip with my homie Tony K. to Guatemala. Oh My God that shit was delicious, because I also made handwhipped whipped cream with vanilla and some more rum, and for the healthy fruit component we added strawberries from the market. So so so good. 

For the coffee, we Chemexed some Kenya Wango Estate Peaberry roasted on the lucky day of Friday the 13th by our friends at Barefoot Roasters and brought by hand by Tony Serrano. That shit was delicious. Fruity, smooth as hell, toasty, (not roasty) and some good ass savory notes to it. I like it a lot. Some sweet roasted tomato in there too a bit. It was a great breakfast.

I was talking to my buddy Baca about my upbringin’ as a latino working class/blue collar kid and how we were never foodies in our house. I have become much more of a foodie due to coffee (same for him). Had I made this breakfast for my mother, she would have called it too fancy schmancy, but for me, it’s fun and delicious and honestly not that difficult to make. Now if she had made us lunch, it would have been so fucking delicious, and definitely tougher to put together and yet, she wouldn’t think it was fancy schmancy. Puerto Rican food, heavy on grease, pork, beans, rice, steak and amarillos (swet fried plantains) is fucking fancy. but it is such a staple, that we never think of our food that way. our food is blue collar to the bone, and yet so hard to make taste of that authenticity. It’s amazing, what food brings to the table (no pun intended). it brings culture, upbringing, politics, tastes, personality, abilities…all together to be consumed.

Damn, I must be feeling that rum.


~ by Me on June 15, 2008.

9 Responses to “Ron Zacapa strikes again”

  1. The XO huh. You weren’t messing around!! I usually stick with the 23 year old rum.

  2. Homer style drool out side of mouth…

  3. dude, it was delicious.

  4. Dude, I am so jealous that isn’t even funny.

    There is a reason why the U.S Army made it their stated policy to rid the prairie of the Buffalo. Food IS culture.

    I understand your perspective. My dad is the same way, he wants his Folgers crystals, and complains when I make him real coffee.

    But if our parents see this “Foodie” thing as fancy schmancy, it’s because they miss the fact that there has been a separation between us and our food in the last 40 years. The food that our parents grew up with was just food.

    But for some reason, we have to buy certified organic grass-fed beef, and pay twice as much, just to have a little cow the way it’s SUPPOSED to be made. When our parents were growing up, it was just called beef.

    Heck, we call ourselves foodies because we know a little bit about our food and where it comes from. But I remember grocery shopping with my grandpa. He knew all the tricks to pick out all the best fruits and vegetables. When to knock and when to squeeze. He had a garden too, that was full of the best veggies I’ve ever had in my life. He saved his own seeds, and made his own compost. I got the feeling that everyone from his village probably had the same basic knowledge.

    Sometimes we are truer to roots when we find our own way. Even if it’s not immediately apparent.

  5. i loves me some zacapa. delicious!

  6. How’s it going…I came across your posting on line and was wondering if you know how to get this rum in the united states…I have only found it delivered from the UK…and way too expensive…I have been drinking the 23 for a couple of years now and am looking forward to tasting the 25 and 30 but can’t find it here.

    Any help would be great…Thanks for your time.


  7. gotta fly to Guatemala, which is how I got this rum!

  8. gabriel.
    forgot about you two for a bit…and now i’m remembering. Are you back on my coast yet?
    love to both of you.

  9. The 30 yr Zacapa can be purchased at a great price in Grand Cayman along with a great vacation as I have done for many years. microwave 4 secs, in snifter before or after diving and away we GO!!!!!

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