Yeah, it’s where I am living now. More specifically Brooktondale, NY. 4 miles outside of Ithaca proper. Many folks are surprised and bummed (a little maybe) that it wasn’t big bad NY I moved to. Sorry about that, just wasn’t in the cards.

I am working with my alma mater, gimme! coffee based in Ithaca and I could not be happier. the details of my position there will be revealed as soon as I know what it is I am doing and as soon as I get the green light from one Mr. Cuddeback. All I can say it that I am working with awesome coffee, an awesome company, in an AWESOME area of the country (Finger Lakes region for those unfamiliar) and most importantly with fantastic people. gimme! coffee has always felt like home, and I have said this through my jobs at PacBay, Stumptown and Ritual. gimme! is who called out to me when I wanted to head back east.

I am going to get to do what I love to do, with people I truly respect and people I actually like in a place that is so familiar to me, that I really think I can call it home. Farmer’s markets, fruit and veggie stands, trees, GREEN rolling hills, the woods, crickets and fireflies, apple cider, u-pick farms, Volvos, Subarus and tractors, The Piggery (YUM), CSAs,Cayuga lake, Seneca Lake, Treman State park, gorges, canoes, old barn and farmhouses, artists, chefs, brewmasters, Finger Lakes Beverage, High Point Farm grassfed beef, Trumansburg, and the list goes on. I am becoming a member of the Ithaca Ale Makers, going to the Ithaca Brew Fest next weekend, learning some heavy shit about air roasting from a man I respect and consider the main reason I stuck to coffee out in the country in an old barn. Life could seriously not be ANY better. And, uh, I have THIS for a backyard…3.5 acres worth, I really cannot complain.


~ by Me on August 31, 2008.

4 Responses to “Upstate”

  1. Gabe,

    Congratulations on the move. It sounds (and looks) like you are in a great place. I suspect we’ll all see you soon somewhere around coffee.


  2. I’m diggin the listy list of qualities… Let’s build a fort!!!

  3. wow. So glad you have found a great place to call home. I can’t wait to come and visit. I miss your sweet face and evil laugh.
    lots and lots of love. naya

  4. Dude, when can i visit!!?!?!?

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