You’ve been SKUNK’D

Uh. So, I am working from home today, for the majority if not the entirety of the day. This means I get to go in on Saturday to make up for lost time, because well, read the title of this post.



Last night, Iet my dog out to pee before we headed off to bed. and well, he IS a terrier, and extremely curious so when I called him and it took him a little bit to come back I got worried. and then he shows up, both eyes closed, foaming at the mouth, having a hard time breathing…and I picked him up and then…


it smells like burnt, highly chemicalized rubber. THE WORST SMELL I HAVE EVER SMELLED. Worse than ANYTHING rotting. ANYTHING. I threw him in the tub and scrubbed him down with baking soda and concentrated soap. We opened up all the windows, turned on all the fans. This morning I woke up, and I thought I would be fine. Then, I got in the car. and wouldn’t you know it, I stunk like skunk. Pervasive, burnt rubber with a tinge of uric acid. I smelled my hands and I almost vomited. I checked in with work and let them know the truth. I am sure it seemed completely made up but it isn’t. I am sitting at home doing work online, and I seriously reek.

It’s funny how we never really think about this, how a lot of our jobs in coffee have to do with a heightened sense of smell/taste and something like this can really fuck it all up, for a couple of days. There is NOTHING I can do about it.

I cannot smell anything but skunk. It’s really awful. Especially when we had a killer Brasil line up to cup.

I must have done something awful in a past life. This sucks.


~ by Me on September 30, 2008.

6 Responses to “You’ve been SKUNK’D”

  1. Wash him in tomato juice!

  2. someone is getting a new nickname.

    I hope mr. terrier is ok – wow. I CAN imagine how sick the stink is but I don’t want to.

  3. call me Pepe.

  4. dude i can almost smell your pain, but for what it’s worth, the story made the day at our office 🙂

  5. I actually think about this a lot, especially on days when I’m sick and can’t taste or smell anything. It’s sort of like an musician… Break a finger or your hand and your career is essentially over. I guess we’re lucky that taste and smell are not quite so fragile.

  6. Found you here through flickr…cool!

    Our place is over-run with skunks this time of year so, after finding her face to face with a skunk the other night (no spray thank god), miss thing now gets her last pee of the night on lead! At least now I know who’s been digging up our yard at night. And yes, we have been told tomato juice is the best/only solution.

    Good luck!

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