Krums-political rant- RIP Cubs attempt at the world series 2008

I headed up to Krums (gimme! headquarters) to cup some awesome coffees with Kevin. It is a GREAT way to start a Sunday. We cupped Ecco, Ritual and Barismo. All the coffees were great, especially the Ecco full natural Sidamo. It was unbelevable sweet, fruity and a beautiful balanced finish. Barnett and crew are doing some great things out there in Santa Rosa.
we also got a little present, from 1950. more on that on the gimme! blog, eventually. stay tuned.

Indian Creek Farm had some delicious tomatoes, apples, potatoes, eggplants and cider. On the way down from the cupping Mae and I stocked up for the week and had a conversation about Palin and Biden. She is so stupid. Let’s realize this ya’ll. She is a total idiot. I am so freakin’ afraid of the possibility of her being in office if McCain makes it there and kicks the bucket. She completely fucked up in the debate and because Americans’ expectations were so low to begin with THEY THOUGHT SHE DID WELL AND HUNG IN THERE!!!! WTF!!!!??? WTF is wrong with people, and when is it elitist for someone who was born poor/working class goes to college and does well and wants to help his country a bad thing!?
I hate the entire idea of someone who is well educated, well read and well spoken who went to a fantastic university coming from a poor 1st generation African background being called elitist. That is such bullshit. McCain had the red carpet treatment his entire time in the military, his daddy being the big boss of the naval fleet during the Vietnam war. And since when did military heroism determine the next president? Kerry received THREE purple hearts, and Bush still got in there. McCain owns 12 homes and is worth 120 million dollars and somehow I am supposed to feel like he is looking out for me? a working class Puertorican with extremely leftist political views? yeah right.
and onto the Cubbies, fuck the LA DODGERS.


Mae is making some bread. The fall is beautiful here. The colors are changing, the air is changing, the smell of everything is changing. I missed this so much being in Calfornia where everything pretty much stays the same except for the rainy season and the colder/warmer nights.
We have these guys as neighbors. I had forgotten how much I actually love horses.

the fall air is beautiful.

oh and…. Palin Bingo!


~ by Me on October 5, 2008.

5 Responses to “Krums-political rant- RIP Cubs attempt at the world series 2008”

  1. There are millions of blogs that I don’t read – certainly, I would find enjoyable agreement with a few. In one post you’ve captured why I tune into yours – I want to see how this narrative you’re scripting unfolds… and would love to taste what comes out of that Probat.

    Thanks for seeing the world the way you do… and daring to write it down.

  2. Palin debate flow chart from

  3. So, so accurate. But also 2x fuck palin, for real.

  4. That didn’t work…

  5. Sorry to spam your blog bro. Computers just dont listen anymore.

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