Fog City Blues

The wife and I took a hike with the pooch in this secluded, little known state forest close to our place. It was quite, crisp and tones of brown and amber scattered across the trails. It was so quiet out there, we could only hear twigs and branches snap every once in a while when a deer tripped or a crow took off from a tree.
The winter is not officially here until December 21st, but I am feelin it. I have been reading up as if I were a frontier man. Smokehouses, canning, pickling and even hunting. Yeah, I love venison stew, and maybe next year I will be ready to possibly go out and hunt for my own winter food. It would be the only way I would do it too, if I was truly hunting to keep the deer in the freezer. Hunting for sport wouldn’t be something I am interested in, AT ALL.

Mae and I tried to go to Mexico last year for our first official vacation together in almost 8 years that we have been together…we were not able to go last year because living in San Francisco basically took up all of our savings, but this year, I think we will be able to manage it. I hope so anyway. We have never been out of the country together, Mae has never been outside of the US. It would be an exciting opportunity for her.
Also, today we talked about how much we missed the tacos in the Mission. yum.




~ by Me on November 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “Fog City Blues”

  1. Gabe, I am so jealous. You know me, I’m all about that stuff. Even the hunting. I haven’t been hunting myself since I was in high school. I’d go out hunting on the Rez with my family. It was always for food. Hunting “for sport” is just something that doesn’t exist in the Native world. It just doesn’t. Glad to hear that you seem at peace. Drop me a line when you’re coming out for a visit. -J.

  2. Cool, when do you guys think you’ll make it to Mexico? Where will you be going exactly?

  3. la taqueria carnitas perfection.

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