Snowed in.

whoa. We got a shit ton of snow today. 6-15 inches by midnight. went into work this morning, and by 11:30 the roads were shit. I am glad they were clear for the morning cupping. We cupped a coffee that were were fairly disappointed with, but we are taking a second look over the weekend.
It’s always disappointing when you are awaiting a sample for , then you realize as soon as you cup it, you really don’t want it all.
We have some exciting coffees on the horizon though, and we have been doing some tweaking and heavy researching in the department. It feels good to use your brain in coffee.
Our holiday party was cancelled due to the excessive snow. oh man did I miss old Father Winter, no really, I did!
I finally got my TV. Not the one I wanted, but I feel good about it. Had I bought an expensive, bigger model I would have felt guilty and glued myself to it playing video games and watching fights (like last night’s replay of a Duddy/Strickland match) in order to get use of something I just spent money on.
I think that attitude is a residual thing from growing up poor. Whenever we bought something out of our reach, we had to make sure we made good use of it, so it felt like it was worth it.
This TV is covered for 4 years too. Nice, since I will not be needing to purchase another one ANY time soon.
happy holidays!


~ by Me on December 19, 2008.

One Response to “Snowed in.”

  1. yes!
    i got a big girl tv too. my first modern one since possibly 1985. battlestar galactica will be caught up on. winter will be enjoyed. cats will be attended to properly.

    i’ll unplug it when you come for visits.

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