I had a friend. A good friend. He passed away, shortly after being severly beat up by BART police officers. He was a smaller punky looking, tattooed kid. He was a fantastic person. Straight forward, kind, sweet, thoughtful, opinionated, anarchist, and definitely did NOT like authority.
Most people would have looked at him and assumed all kinds of things. The Bart police did the same. He is no longer with us.
So when I saw this story, I nearly lost my shit. BART police better get their shit together.
BART Shooting

what the fuck?


~ by Me on January 10, 2009.

6 Responses to “WHAT THE FUCK.”

  1. I can’t even understand why transit officers are allowed to carry guns to begin with! Too many damn guns down there. Sorry about your friend, that’s just so tragic.

  2. i’m very sorry for your loss Gabe…

  3. Utter bullshit. Cops have got to start being held accountable…seriously accountable for their excessive use of force.

  4. very sorry and shocked.

  5. Yeah, my friend passed away a few years back (I think you heard about this) but the main reason was he couldn’t deal with what had happened to him with the BART police. Thanks Drew.

  6. Sorry to hear about this… I just saw a mobile camera video of the situation, and the shooting looks completely unwarranted.

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