47 and still causin’ trouble

My friend and co-worker Tomas Reyer turns 47 today. I love this guy. He is a crazy euro-now-american guy that communicates with political radical left-wing rants and machine talk. Basically, the man is a super progressive thinker that can fix ANYTHING by taking it apart and looking at it. He is super opinionated, but has a huge heart and loves beer, coffee and Volvos. What is there NOT to love. he is passionate about most things he speaks about, and loves to share his thoughts. He is a young 47, and a total radical thinker. He has been with gimme! for a long time, and I know Kevin feels lucky to have him. He just restored our newly acquired 1950 5 kilo Probat drum roaster and had never done it before. He fell in love, which is music to my ears because it means he would be open to restoring a larger one. sweet.
The weather here has been ok. The snow is finally melting, and there is a lot of mud on my tires and boots. February is a rough month in the east coast, but we are hammering through and I am keeping myself busy with work and coffee.
Needless to say I think Mae and I need a vacation, real soon. I think I may go back to Guatemala seeing as how the American dollar is strong in the Central Americas. I also think Mae would do well traveling out of the country and spending some quality time with nature and good food. We are gonna join a CSA this spring, and we should be getting some healthy local foods very soon.
Life at gimme! is busy, and defnitely a learnign experience every day in both teamwork, patience and total tenacity. Never give up speaking your mind and stating your opinion and what you believe is true/right. It always pays off to push, whether it’s yourself or others.
I am learning a whole lot about roasting too, roasting on the Sivetz. it’s challenging, and different but it has really pushed me to become more knowledgeable about what it is to roast coffee. Heat transfer is a different ball game in these machines, but I feel like I am becoming a more apt roaster because of it all.
I’m in this coffee business for the long haul I think. Let’s see where I am at in a couple of years though. 🙂


~ by Me on February 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “47 and still causin’ trouble”

  1. Just started Sivetz’s Coffee Technology book, pretty in-depth.

  2. just want to say that i think you’re great. thanks for keeping the blog up, MAYBE i’ll write something too…

    (and tomas too, happy birthday)

  3. I am enjoying the thaw because the roasts this week have been some of the best since just before the freeze started. What is the plan for the little 5k?

  4. Yeah, agreed on the thaw. The 5 kilo will be used to roast the extra special coffees and to profile. I think this may prove to be a project that eventually (not sure when, money IS tight) will move us from air roasting to drum roasting. we will see.

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