Mae and I have been talking about the roughness of the month of February on anyone east of the Mississippi. So we have already been talking about camping, swimming in the beautiful swimming holes here in Ithaca, fishing (which I have never done before) and cabin renting. I am so fucking excited about going away for a weekend and leaving all technology behind and just chilling out with Mae, by a pond and the woods and not doing anything but going with the rhythm of the light.
We found a place close to here that will be renting out cottages for the first time this year. Warren Pond Farms. They are between Ithaca and Watkins Glen and they are a fully off the grid farm where they raise deer, elk and American bison. I am more than excited because they have a 3 acre pond for fishing. YES! I can’t wait. I am a pretty anxious person, so fishing will be good for me, though I suspect it will also be difficult to be that patient.
Here is the cottage.

and the pond…

these photos are from their website

Today I am starting my second batch of home brewed beer. It will be a bitter brown ale that i will be naming after my friend/pain in the ass buddy Ryan Brown. Tony thinks blogging is so 2006, but I need to bring back some history then, cuz the bloggin’ bug has bittem me. Twitter is ok for some things. Most of the time though I appreciate full sentences from someone I care about.

Mae is frying some Kentukyan smoked hickory bacon we just got from our Christmas gift of 6 months of bacon of the month club. yeah, that’s right, my brother in law loves us. Most amazing gift. We love bacon so much. We cannot wait until or friends at The Piggery start up and running again this spring to get our hands on some delicious sausage and bacon. yum.

ok. breakfast is ready. gotta run and get fat.

Steve Ford, send me some beginner advice for fishing would you?


~ by Me on February 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “Vacation”

  1. I’d go fishing w/ you mofo… Something I used to do more as a kid and completely dropped once I became an asshole teenager. Now I would love to get back to the zen that is fishing. Do it!
    Nice score on the cottages!

  2. Don’t forget to bring some whiskey.

  3. I’m with mr. Lucey on the fishing thing. I did it a lot as a kid, and did it a lot less as I grew into a teenager and up.

    The last time I went, I proved to not have lost any skill I may have had, which is nice.

    Fish are sensitive. /advice

  4. What a trip to see our cottages on your blog, man. This is Jill and it is awesome how you are spreading the word about the joys of fishing. Did you know there is a weekend in New York when nobody needs a fishing license? I think it lands on Father’s Day this year.

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