Delicious coffee

We just rolled out a new coffee at Gimme! from 90+ Coffees called Hartmann Honey from Panama’s Volcan region.

I love it. I love the balance of acids and sweetness. What a beautiful and clean coffee. Maybe it’s a coffee for the snobbish, but man, ANYONE would dig it. Balanced, sweet, clean, different. I am really really happy we hooked up with Joseph Brodsky and purchased this coffee.

It’s one of those coffees that when you have a rough day, you have a cup of it, and the clouds part. you know what I mean?


~ by Me on February 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Delicious coffee”

  1. Kendall and I and various guests have reveled in the Hartmann Honey in cappuccinos the past coupla mornings – nothing pretentious about its sweetness.

    I just had it as espresso – brilliant.

    I would have thrown it in the chemex tomorrow, but now I’m not so sure.

    Well done, Gabe, gimme, ninetyplus, Hartmann.

  2. Wish I’d read your blog earlier this morning when I grabbed a cup of Piccolo Mondo at Purity Ice Cream. The new brew sounds great. Can’t wait to try it. I like sweet.

  3. Jill, be sure to pick up a pound of it next time you are at Gimme! My wife and I will be giving you a ring later this summer, to spend some night under the stars at Warren Pond.

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