Vacation Part II

I think the Mrs. and I are gonna go down to visit Nashville in May. Anyone ever been? I am completely obsessed with this city right now and with the thought of good ol’ old country/Americana music and BBQ. Also, the old bungalows in East Nashville are looking like something we will be checking out.
We were going to take the plunge and fly overseas, but I think with this economy and our current/personal financial situation it is best to do a domestic vacation. besides, there are tond of places we are super curious about and would love to visit out of sheer curiosity. The list.

Nashville, TN
Halifax, Nova Scotia ( I know, I know, not the states but close!)
New Orleans, LA
Burlington, VT
Braddock, PA
Milwaukee, WI
St. Augustine, FL
Charleston, SC
Louisville, KY (I’m a big fan of Muhammad Ali)
Portland, ME
Austin, TX
Quebec City

So much to see. So much to do. So little time.


~ by Me on March 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Vacation Part II”

  1. I think you’d love Montreal and Quebec. They’re both great cities.

  2. Well, I happen to live in Nashville. Though sometimes natives aren’t the best people to ask about tourist-type attractions, I’d be more than happy to show a fellow coffeegeek around or at least give some pointers (including where to get the best espresso in town…)

    Drop me a line if you want: heathhenley (at)

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