Cupping Coffees

We have been doing a lot of cupping recently, more than normal at Gimme Krums. We just got our delivery of 31 samples for the El Salvador Cup of Excellence. Unfortunately I will miss the festivities since the competition goes on the day I Get back from Guatemala.
I am honored to mention that I was asked to be a judge this year for the Guatemalan competition. I ma both humbled and nervous. I am excited for the opportunity to cup these beautiful coffees and to be in a group of folks that really care about the program and about the coffees.
I am concerned about calibration, though I trust my palate. I wonder how things will go. I am excited for Gimme, and for myself as we are making real efforts to become more involved with even higher quality coffee and projects. We scored a beautiful lot of the Panama Hartmann Honey and I can see us starting and maintaining this relationship with the Hartmann’s for a long time. I roasted a batch the other day in the drum and cupped it on Friday with Chris our production roaster and it was seriously delicious. I cannot wait to taste what the Hartmann’s have in-store this crop year.

Colleen cupping with Gabe

Colleen cupping with Gabe

We are on the hunt for some killer Costa Rican coffee, and are awaiting the Guatemala CoE results as well. It will be a great year for Gimme as we really push forward with making our coffees better and better. We have a fantastic group of people working for Gimme, truly, some of the BEST people in the industry, and I am excited to be part of it all.
This blog is both personal and coffee based, so remember that when I post, I am posting for myself, not the place I work for.
Just a reminder…
The weather here is unbelievable, green, humid, thunderstorms, festivals, farmer’s markets, grillin’ and hiking.
So happy to be on this side of the country.
So happy to be drum roasting again, I don’t know of a more intuitive roasting machine than the Probat. I know, I am biased, but damn, that thing just reacts to the lightest touch. Sometimes I feel like if I just THINK about turning up the gas, the machine hears me and does it. It’s incredible. We are really learning so much about the process of roasting and the abilities and disadvantages of each method, I feel like a more well rounded coffee roaster due to these observations.
anyway, ending rant here…
grateful for the chance to travel to Guatemala and judge some awesome coffees, and grateful to be in a place where I can learn alongside other folks and try new things in the name of progress.
word. peace. out!


~ by Me on May 24, 2009.

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