todo sobre mi madre

This is document, the passing of my beautiful beautiful mother…Ingrid Martinez on Memorial day (May 25th) 2009. I am deeply saddened, devastated and all of a sudden feel deeply lost in the world.


~ by Me on May 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “todo sobre mi madre”

  1. Gabe I’m so so sorry for your loss. Please call me if there’s anything I can do…

  2. I’m so sorry man. That is terrible. You’re not alone though… You have tons of friends and a beautiful wife who care about you.

  3. HUG

  4. Hi Gabe:
    Very sorry to hear this news. I never met your mother; in fact I’ve only met YOU a couple times. But having done so, I speculate that she’d say you are NOT lost, you have many friends and allies, and you just need to carry on with love, care and dedication. That is the best way to honor the memory of our dear departed ones, no? Hope to see you again soon.

  5. Gabe, you are so deeply loved and cared for by those around you. Sometimes mourning can make you feel alone, even when you are surrounded with more friends than ever before.

    I can say this as a parent; our job is to equip our children with the tools needed to excel and succeed in the world. Your mother would be so proud and happy of what you’ve been able to do. Give her something to be proud of everyday.
    We love you Gabe.

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