So, what will it be then sir?

Well, I have ideas. But, I like hearing other ideas. I have ideas about what I would like to continue to write about and ideas about what I would like to never write about again.
So how about it, share some thing syou would like to hear my opinion on or go on about or go off about, would you kindly?

thank you, to the 3 readers that give a shit enough to read this bloggity blog (if that’s what you even want to call it).


~ by Me on December 13, 2009.

7 Responses to “So, what will it be then sir?”

  1. Quit your worries of what “we” want. I would suggest condensing your notables into brief statements and stack them into your blog. For you, it’s a history you’re willing to share.

  2. My blog post today would be: caring for a 5 And 6 year old more rough than expected – the greatness of coffee is enhanced with an extra 2min garage pause (get the car ready, enjoy that mug outside in the quiet)… End of the day, kids gone, beer has never been so good. Kids are great but so is life lived in a minimal fashion.

  3. Crashed yo blog!!!

  4. get yer own blog, sL

  5. Coffee. Talk abt how u talk coffee. Talk abt the taste of coffee. The effect of coffee on ppl. Aren’t we all happy coffee ppl..? =)

  6. Acutally, my new blog is just going to exist within the comments of Gabe’s posts. How about that for some spice Gabe?

  7. Write about anything you love, coffee, your dog, etc šŸ™‚

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