Veganism and barefoot running

These are my current obsessions as of late. I am super busy with work, but this weekend I will be experimenting with barefoot running. Many people have many opinions, but I have never been happier about being vegan as I am these days. It has been the best choice I have made besides marrying my beautiful wife.
Tonight, roasted veggies and a tall glass of water and a good book before heading to bed to wake up at 4:30 AM and head to work.


~ by Me on December 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Veganism and barefoot running”

  1. I’ve never tried barefoot running (and I’m not sure it’s such a great idea when all that’s available is concrete).

    I have turned vegan. Not only that, but my wife and I have gone raw vegan. We’ve never felt better.

  2. The Barefoot Vegan. That’s the title for my next book.
    Or maybe Raw Feet.

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