setting out on a hike…and some other thoughts

I am going to more than likely stop writing about my thoughts on coffee in this personal blog webspace. I just don’t feel like sharing too much stuff about work anymore. At least not in this type of forum. Essentially, I just don’t think it matters much what I share and also, I am unwilling to be a dick about things in a public forum.
I am not a fan of seeing people call other folks out in what I feel is an unprofessional manner, or sharing an opinion in a way that helps no one.
But I guess there is the notion of, well don’t read it and this is a sensical argument. I guess mostly, this blog will more than likely turn into a place to write about random stuff and more than likely stuff that has nothing to do with coffee and I am ok with that.
This post is just a warning folks.
I am about to head out on a hike with a good friend, into the Berkeley hills. It’s grey out, so I will have to layer up. And I have some vegan edibles. Spirit quest on a Sunday might just take place.
There is a block party happening right on my block today. This sort of thing always brings out the anti-social anxious part of me. Trying to decide if I will participate or just lock myself up in my house and paint and read all about Hawaiian history.


~ by Me on July 31, 2011.

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