Vacation Time

The wife and I are finally taking the realest vacation ever. The last time we did vacation was in Mexico, for a total of 5 days. We did do a mini 4 day vacation in Austin, Texas recently, which was awesome. Before that, we had our honeymoon 5 years ago in Portland, for another 5 days. We have never taken a full week off work (excluding weekend days) to do a vacation like this. We cannot wait. We are letting our hippie spirit out and going to Maui, Hawaii. I have never been to Hawaii, and besides my birthplace of Puerto Rico, I have never been on another tropical island. This should be interesting.
Thinking and reading about our current state of the economy I actually felt good about contributing to our national economy. I mean, yes, we could have vacationed somewhere in Latin America for much cheaper, but I really wanted to see Hawaii. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth, so neither a state, nor an independent entity and Hawaii is sort of what I see happening for Puerto Rico in the next decade or so. I don’t know if that is good or bad, but there is a weird connection to Hawaii for me because of this relationship. Anyway, yeah, I am stoked to put money into their economy, even if it’s through tourism. We are staying at some pretty damn lowkey places, and mostly doing a lot of cooking and hiking and snorkeling and hanging out at the local dive/surf/food shops.
I am afraid I won’t want to come back. I am afraid I may go back to work and try to convince folks to open up a roastery in Maui! Man, wouldn’t that be insane!? As a friend said though, if we want to truly preserve those beautiful islands, and that beautiful island culture we should really stay the fuck out of it as much as possible. As a born-islander, it will be hard to do that. But, I gotta do the right thing. We will see how it goes. I may even use my pro-Flickr account and post some photos.


~ by Me on September 18, 2011.

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