It’s only been almost 3 years

I am no longer living in California. I am no longer working for Sightglass. I am no longer worried about affordable living and quality of life. We are living in West Chester Pennsylvania and I have a day job I really dig and a passion project I get to work on on my own time. Maquina Coffee Roasters will be available online soon, and I will be able to roast awesome coffees that I love mostly for friends and family and folks who trust my taste in coffee. I am working for a great company with awesome things in store and it has brought me challenges in the best ways. I am just stoked to be closer to family and roots on the east coast and I am so happy to be able to afford to live the life I value, the way I see fit in a place that is truly beautiful and family friendly. Our experience in the Bay Area was that of people just not being stoked to see kids, and this just always made me feel odd in all kinds of situations.

Mae and I have been through some intense things in our relationship. My last job was pretty horrible to be frank. The people were amazing, most of them anyway, but it just wasn’t a good fit for the things I value and the kind of person I am. I am grateful anyway. Everything is a learning experience or a chance at a life lesson. I met some amazing people on these journeys but I also met some pretty shitty ones. I shouldn’t say that, just ok people with some shitty ideas as to what a good person ought to be I guess is a better way of saying it. Just bad vibez.

I don’t think anyone reads this blog anyway, so I don’t mind being honest about stuff. I have come to appreciate differences in folks, and kindness and willingness to look beyond appearances. In Pennsylvania folks have been ridiculously sweet and kind. It’s been a fairly easy transition aside from the fucking humidity. JEEEEZUS.




~ by Me on August 15, 2016.

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