Holidaze Craze

Thanksgiving with family is the best. This was the first year in many that we were all on the same coast and no need to travel to see anyone. Pennsylvania has been very kind to us and our meal was delicious, our laughs many and games exciting.

I finally launched my own little roasting company called Máquina Coffee Roasters! It’s been over ten years of talking about it and the day finally came where we were in  position to start this thing with zero debt, all bootstrap and sweat equity and I am roasting coffee off a 5 kilo Probat in my garage. The dream has come true.

shameless plug here : http://www.maquinacoffee.com

Life out east was missed, specifically during the autumn and holidays. Nothing compares to the east coast when it comes to the Holiday feel. Nothing. The leaves finally falling off the trees, the shift in temp and smell in the air and the navy peacoats, tall boots (Equestrian or hiking), scarves, hot chocolates and mulled cider plus apples and pumpkins. The colors orange, brown and burgundy are everywhere and people start wearing wool socks.

We spent hours raking our almost acre property, and stuffing many many many leaves into paper bags. We loved every minute of it.

Nothing beats getting up on a Sunday morning, having breakfast with my wife and daughter then heading into the garage to fire the roaster up to roast up a few orders worth of coffee. NOTHING. I feel more grateful than ever to be able to do things on my own terms, the way i have always wanted to do it, with grace, pace and quality in mind.

I miss my friends back in California something awful, and I am grateful for their love and support throughout the many years I spent out there. Thank you.




~ by Me on November 30, 2016.

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