The Máquina Project

So it’s been a couple of months now of doing everything we can to get the word out about Máquina Coffee and trying to get the coffee into reputable hands and shops around the country. So far the reception has been great, and very slowly there is a cult-like following with Máquina.

There are many models that we could follow if we wanted to. The more obvious and typical model is that of getting an investor (or many) and just go all out and build a cathedral to coffee and just create a true show stopper right out of the gate. I understand this model, and I get the reasons behind it, but I am a humble and modest person from modest means and I have ZERO desire to feel like I owe anyone anything. I would rather struggle for longer, and build things slowly and organically in a way that makes sense and keep my life at a level that is sustainable and wow, ENJOYABLE versus being indebted to several entities for years just to get a really amazing salary and space right away.

There is something just, (I struggle to find the words here) truthful about taking the harder but more honest road (and definitely longer) and going bit by bit with a business that is all my own. Truth be told, I would be stoked to go at a pace where I wouldn’t ever need more than one more employee besides myself. If I can actually do this on my own, and still support and provide for my family (along with my wife) then I can say I will have accomplished what I set out to do. That and also just be able to provide really, really delicious TRULY seasonal coffee.

I am obsessed with seasonality. I am obsessed with never having a coffee for more than 5 months at a time because even with a high grown high quality coffee the mouthfeel and vibrancy fades. If I ran a cafe, I would maybe think differently on this because I would want something very steady and consistent in the cafe. Which is exactly why I cannot imagine owning a cafe in the traditional sense. Who knows, I may eat my own words in a year or two! This is tough though, and scary and something I am just completely unfamiliar with. Owning a business. You do end up eating your own words or learning from your own truths once it is YOUR skin in the game instead of collecting a paycheck where it’s easy to sit back and critique and shit on everything an owner is seemingly doing wrong but at the end of the day they are still able to get you your paycheck on time. I fucking hope this all works out, and I am able to get a steady run of committed customers who believe in what we do and what we do well. Only time will tell. One thing tho, I fucking HATED working for someone else and on someone else’s time. It is so so so nice not to answer to anyone that way any more. It is so nice to be able to be honest about the things you believe in without feeling like you were deceiving the party line.

Let’s hope I can carry this forth with dignity and respect and honesty from day one. I think it is more than possible, I think in these times it is absolutely necessary.


~ by Me on February 26, 2017.

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